Meet Kait

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn, and I’m 13 years old! I’ve been helping my mom in the kitchen ever since I could walk! My passion is baking, and I dream of owning a store-front bakery when I grow up! I started Kait’s Cookies and More in 2016, when I was just 10 years old! Some of the money I make goes into a savings account for my bakery, and I use to the rest to help people in my community! My mom has taught me a lot about baking, and I’ve also been teaching myself by reading books and watching online tutorials. Everything I make is from scratch! I have a facebook page where you can see videos of me decorating cupcakes and cookies- don’t worry, my mom is in charge of my social media until I get older 🙂


3 thoughts on “Meet Kait”

  1. why don’t you ship, just charge the shipping rate for express. People would pay it as you are doing so much for so many.


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