Lemonade Day

In 2015, before I started Kait’s Cookies and More, I had the chance to participate in Lemonade Day. This is a national program that teaches kids how to start, own, and operate a lemonade stand. I was excited because I knew I wanted to own a bakery one day, and I thought this would help me learn how to be an entrepreneur!


When preparing for something like a lemonade stand, you have to keep many things in mind. One of the two most important things you need to sort out, is your budget. You need to keep in mind how much money you want to spend, and how about how much money you need to spend. Then, find a budget price that meets in the middle. Another thing you want to set straight, is what your stand will look like. First, you need a theme. I went for a tropical theme, that was simple, yet interesting. Along with that, you need lemonade flavors. My mother and I brainstormed, and then searched Pinterest for a wider variety of flavors in that category. Now, all  you need is a nice place to set up shop, and some family help!

Down to Business

I set up my stand, Kaitlyn’s Tropical Lemonade, at the opening celebration of a local bike trail. I had many customers, and even gave lemonade to the Mayor! My three lemonade flavors were: Tropical, pink, and original.  I sold about 250 cups of lemonade, and almost tripled my profit goal. Of course, I had to pay my parents back for their investments, then I put two-thirds of the proceeds in a savings account for my bakery, and I gave one-third to the local Kiwanis Kids.  Surprisingly, most of my money came from my tips! I tried to have really great customer service, and I think that it paid off! The only thing I wish I had added, was a fruit topping bar. I think that have fruit to add in would have given my costumers an even bigger amount of flavors to experiment with. To sum it all up, I sold a lot of lemonade, made quite a bit of money, learned a lot about running a business, and overall had a great time! To all you future Lemonade Day participants, good luck!


The Pioneer Woman’s Bakery

My mom and dad took me to Pawhuska, OK to visit the Pioneer Woman’s bakery. I loved watching the bakers through the window! I was really hoping to see Ree, but she wasn’t there that day. We tried lots of yummy stuff like the fruit tart, cinnamon rolls, and the best snickerdoodles I’ve ever had!

Learning from Professional Bakers!

While I was participating in Lemonade Day, one of my customers asked me what I was going to do with the money I was making, and I told her I wanted to save it to open a bakery. She told me she works at DecoPac and invited me to come take a tour! They let me decorate a cake and cupcakes, and then sent me home with a cake turn-table, and a box of decorating tools. It was one of the best days ever!